FW: Progress M-30 docked to Mir

Jeff Hunt (jhunt@eagle1.eaglenet.com)
Wed, 20 Dec 95 17:23:50 EST

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Subject: Progress M-30 docked to Mir
Author:  Vladimir Agapov <avm@kiam1.rssi.ru> at INTERNET
Date:    12/20/95 21:30

Progress M-30 twice raised it's orbit today - at 1404:37UT (30.3 m/s, 71.07 
and at 1447:09 UT (24.79 m/s, 57.61 s). At 1610:15 UT it successfully docked 
Mir station.

Kosmos-2326 was successfully launched today morning at 0052:14.119 UT from 
LC90 of Baykonur by Tsiklon-2 launcher. Announced initial orbit was 
435x415 km, 92.7 min, 65 deg.

- Vladimir.

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