Re: Shadowed satellite predictions.
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 9:50:03 +0100

   >> Mike McCants observed:

>> MM>But you should be aware that TrakSat oftens predicts that objects
>> MM>are not in the Earth's shadow even when they are.

>> Does anyone have a comparison of satellite tracking programs'
>> predictions of orbital eclipse?  Is there a program that predicts this
>> reliably?

I noticed large differences when I compared TrakSat, QuickSat,
SkyMap, SeeSat (and possibly ViewSat) with photographs I made
of a high Cosmos rocket, a shuttle, UARS and a few visual obs.
when entering shadow. I sent my data to Rob Matson, and with
his modifications I consider SkyMap very reliable now.

In graphic it displays the penumbral phase in purple.
In the Search-all text output, it displays the shadow entry/exit
instead of user-selected low-elevation limit, if they are higher.
(If Lighting constraints/Satellite in sunlight is selected)

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