Video astronomy msg

Allen Thomson (
Tue, 26 Dec 1995 13:17:41 -0800

   I just received the following message and thought it worth passing
on to Seesat.  Aside from what is contained in the message, I know 
nothing about the products mentioned except for the SNAPPY frame grabber
(I have one and like it).


   Date: 26 Dec 95 15:43:33 EST
   From: John Cordiale <>
   Subject: New Astro Web Site

   Adirondack Video Astronomy has a new web site devoted to its Video 
   Astronomy products.

   The address is
   This site contains info on our products and some sample stills from our 
   ASTROVID CCD video cameras.  Please feel free to browse at your leisure. 
   Any comments are welcome.  These web pages were created with compuserve's 
   HPWIZ and images captured with the SNAPPY frame grabber off 8mm video tape.

   Sincerely yours,
   John E Cordiale
   Adirondack Video Astronomy