Re: IRS-1C launch

Anil Ganju (
Wed, 27 Dec 1995 14:46:19 -0500

> From Vladimir Agapov :
>    Launch of IRS-1C with Skipper subsatellite is scheduled at 0645:18.45 UTC
>    on Dec 28. Payload will separate from the 4th stage at 0700:20 UTC,
>    and 10 min later Skipper will separate from IRS-1C. Nominal initial
>    orbit parameters are
>    semimaj. axis     7195.11 km
>    eccentric.        0.00223
>    inclination       98.71 deg
>    arg. of perigee   156.1 deg
>    Hmin              800.9 km
>    Hmax              832.6 km
>    nodical period    101.23 min

Thanks for the above info. I have been waiting anxiously for this launch
(IRS-1C) and was really hoping someone out there might have a pre-launch 
2 line element set. I was interested in following it's flight path right
after launch from baikonur. Anyone??? 

Of course some of the orbital parameters have been defined above, but I am 
not fluent in converting these to a 2 line format.

On a side note, any chance of visually observing the IRS satellite on
the east-coast of the US (Washington, DC specifically), soon after its