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Jeff Hunt (jhunt@eagle1.eaglenet.com)
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I hope this is not too far off topic but I found it interesting.  It's not
easy being a cosmonaut;-)
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This is from Reuters news service:

No New Year Champagne for Russian Cosmonauts

MOSCOW (Reuter) - Two Russian cosmonauts and a German will see in the
New Year on the Mir space station with brandy because it is hard to
sip champagne in zero gravity, Itar-Tass news agency said Friday.

Tass quoted sources at mission control as saying Yuri Gidzenko, Sergei
Avdeyev and German Thomas Reiter would make a toast to 1996 while
watching pictures broadcast from earth of a clock tower in the Kremlin
striking midnight.

One of the three men would dress up as Santa Claus, or Father Frost as
he is known in Russia. A cargo craft recently brought small artificial
fir trees, food and gifts for the cosmonauts.

``The only problem arose with the champagne which, to put it mildly,
is not easy to drink in zero gravity,'' the agency said, without
explaining what would happen to champagne in space.

The crew have been in space since September 3. Their stay in orbit is
due to last 135 days.


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