Re: Sightings!

Sun, 31 Dec 1995 03:44:16 +0100 (CET)

Josh R. Williams writes :

>Sorry to bring my home page back onto this list but I figured I would try 
>to do the list a favor by trying to reduce list traffic, the excess 
>traffic I am talking about is the "I saw this" traffic. Instead of 
>sending sightings to the seesat-l list send them to me instead. The 
>sightings will be published on my page and the person with the most 
>sightings at the end of the month will win a prize. To get the rules and 
>regs. surf to my page (address in the sig). 

Hmmm, exchanging information about observations (i.e. 'I saw this') was
one of the main reasons Walter Nissen and I started SeeSat-L in the
first place in December 1994. I don't think the list traffic has become
that cumbersome, has it ? At least the number of subscribers is still
growing (210 now), so I imagine most people are not too bothered with
volume (yet?).

Of course, I have nothing against Josh's proposal to send sightings to
him so he can put them on the Web, but I would suggest to also keep
sending sightings to SeeSat-L, since that is exactly what we meant 
SeeSat-L for (I'm sure Walter will correct me if he disagrees). SeeSat-L
would loose a lot of its value to me if sightings were banned from it.

Concluding, I feel we don't see enough sightings on SeeSat-L. I have no
idea about what most people on the list are observing. 
Anyone agree/disagree ?

   Bart De Pontieu (