Re: How Do They Do This??

Jim Varney (
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 22:33:28 -0800

John Pike wrote:

>>emulating this gizmo [short of bribing them into selling me one, which given
>>all the wisecracks I have made about their pesky Pegasus rockette over the
>>years they are kinda unlikely to do].

John Broman wrote:

>EER (Conestoga), CTA (Orbex vehicle) and NASA (other rockets) I've always
>enjoyed poking fun at Pegasus (the competition).  But in the end, they are
>the only small launcher left, and the only launch vehicle company in the
>D.C. area, so I figured I'd join 'em.  But I'm proud to work on a project IN

I thought the worst was over for Pegasus.  The last four missions prior to
the SAC B/HETE failure (REX II, MSTI 3, TOMS and FAST) were all successful 

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