Color of Lacrosse 1

Bill Krosney (
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 15:31:30 -0600

Anthony Beresford wrote:
> At 12:47 PM 12/3/96 -0600, you wrote:
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> >       I also observed Lacrosse 1 which made a ~50 deg pass just minutes
> >before the shuttle.  Everything I've read says this satellite has a ruby
> >red color, but I only saw a slightly yellowish hue.  Since the satellite
> >followed the predicted path, I'm pretty sure it was Lacrosse 1.  This
> >is the first time I have seen this satellite.  Does it's color vary?  It's
> >magnitude was roughly +3, if that makes any difference.
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> >Robert Fenske, Jr.
> Robert, the hue of Lacrosse is noticeable but not obvious,
> from my own observations. At mag 3 the colour sensitivity
> of individuals varies greatly.
> Tony Beresford

I have found (as with any mag.2-3 object) that observing its' pass in binoculars shows an excellent color 
contrast between Lacrosse 1 and the stars.  Yes, I agree that Lacrosse 1 is not "ruby red", I perceive a more 
definite orange hue to it.  An interesting question, for those who have watched Lacrosse from its initial 
deployment (Ted are you there?) has its' color faded over the years?

Clear skies...Bill