Report & request

Patrick Wiggins (
Tue, 3 Dec 1996 18:59:52 -0700 (MST)

Hello all!
     Using the TLEs provided by Ted Molczan (thanks Ted) this newcomer to 
this list was able to spot his first ever NOSS "constellation" (2-2) last 
night from my site just west of Salt Lake City, Utah.
     Neither I nor my girlfriend had ever seen more than two satellites 
at once so seeing three is such a tight formation (fit within my 11x80s 
4.5 degree field of view) was lots of fun for both of us.
	The group was right on time and right were OrbiTrack said they 
would be.
     Now, to business:
     Part of my job here at Hansen Planetarium has me providing 
information to the public about where and when to see satellites.
     Anyone have any ideas as to what satellites other than Mir, the 
shuttle and HST that I might point them to?
     Keep in mind that we are located at 41 degrees north and that most 
of those receiving my reports live in fairly light polluted areas.  So 
I'm looking for high inclination satellites that can be seen without 
binoculars through some city lights and haze.
     Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Clear skies!

Patrick  :-)

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