Mars Pathfinder

Robert E. Braddock (
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 02:19:10 -0800

Minutes ago saw the Mars Pathfinder Launch from out my back door in  
Charleston SC USA.  First Visible thru trees (about 5-7 degrees above 
horizion) about 1 minute after launch.  Intense red (like a flare) for 
less than 1 minute.  Faint (almost invisible to naked eye for about 1 and 
1/2 minutes.  The white with visible tail for about another minute before 
abruptly disappearing.  The last minute it was travelling 
horizontal (elevation about 25 degrees) from my perspective.  Am only 
guessing, but it was about magnitude -1 to -2 during this last phase.  
I've seen 2 shuttle launches like this, and look forward to 2 more after 
the first of the year.  Anyone else view the launch from a distance?
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