Columbia plus one more obj
Thu, 5 Dec 96 06:06:29 PST

Good Morning;

I observed Columbia and one other object in parallel orbit this morning. I 
understand that the ORFEUS-SPAS payload has already been retrieved and 
Columbia is scheduled to land one orbit later than my observation.

So, what was the other object? I took a time exposure photo in case it 
turns out to be of a more curious nature.

Columbia, peak elevation of 14 deg. at 05:46 EST(-5) (10:46 UTC) magnitude 
~3 (haze).

Other object, peak elevation 15 deg, parallel plane trailing Columbia ~2 
seconds, magnitude ~5.


12/05/96 06:06:29 EST(-5) 37.17N -76.57W
(ASOSV) ""

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