Space Shuttle Landing Delayed again
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 08:51:24 -0500

Around 1230 UTC on Friday 06 Dec 96, NASA waived off the second of 2 possible
landing attempts at KSC. This was due to weather concerns.  No attempts will
be made at Edwards AFB today also due to weather concerns. Columbia will
remain in orbit for at least 24 more hours.  This will break the current
shuttle endurance flight record of 16 days and 21 some hours.  Attempts to
land on Saturday, 07 Dec 96, will be made but at this point I have not heard
of the possible times.
As always, clear skies to you, and hopefully for the crew of STS-80.
John Nebl
Schaumburg, Il, USA                  e:mail