Re: Bright sat list / software

Robert Sheaffer (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 11:24:19 -0800 (PST)

Leo Barhorst
> I've used for several years the predictionprogram of the Belgian Working Group 
> Satellites SAT4.75 and it does the job very well.
> In just a few minutes yuo get a prediction for all the satellites visible in the 
> selected timeframe ordered in time of highest point in the sky.
> Once you have created a file with your favorite satellites it can be updated fom the 
> Molczan or Thompsonfiles at the same site.

So, rather than *the program* telling me what satellites will be
visible from my location, I have to tell *it* which ones I might
want to observe. And if I forget any, it won't list them, no
matter how bright they might be.

And as new satellites are launched, or old ones that i couldn't
see before drift into view, I have to keep abreast of all these
changes and update my 'favorite satellites' list, so that the
program can "predict" what will be visible.

Given that we're working from a list of continuously-updated satellite
elements that are presumably quite correct, but out software
fails to rely upon that information, this is *still* a
"cart-before-the-horse" approach. It would be fine to have a
"list of favorite satellites" mode of operation, so long as
you ALSO have a "show me everything brighter than Magnitude X"


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