Re: Bright sat list / software

Bjoern Gimle (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 07:33:56 +0100 (MET)

Jay Respler:
>Do you realize that an element file has NO indication of brightness?
>You can use it for elevation.  A separate list is required if you
>want some indication of brightness.
To be fair, Ted Molczan's cs9xxxxx files have the magnitudes, and
at least two programs, SeeSat and ViewSat use the information as is.

But still, I strongly support the principle of the list, with QuickSat's
type of flag character, so you can indicate priority objects on
different principles, like flashing objects on BWGS priority/DRA lists,
other nice flashers or particular physical characteristics, orbit classes,
classified elsets, objects near decay or otherwise uncertain predictions,
recently launched, not yet observed by me, .....

An elset manager program (request to Jim Varney et al.) should support
this flag character, and/or more prediction programs be modified to
use it directly.

If this is (partly) accepted, it would be useful to publish on SeeSat-L
frequent (recommended) updates to the list, and I would write a program
to merge this into a personal list, respecting existing names, magnitudes
and flags (if desired). Such a program could also scan the weekly
OIG lists, published here by Mike, and the 30-day list for additions.

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