Changes in VSOHP/PPAS-collecting

Bart De Pontieu (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 19:02:52 +0100 (MET)

Hi SeeSat-ers,

The Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page version located in Germany has
moved to a new address (due to the shutting down of the old computer it
used to be on). Please note that, as of now, the new URL is:

The Home Page of the Belgian Working Group Satellites, the SeeSat-L
Home Page, etc... all have moved to the new location as well. You can
find links to them from the above URL. If you have links to the VSOHP
on one of your pages, please change them accordingly. 
Careful observers may have noticed that the German site had not been
updated in the past two weeks. My apologies for that (work, etc...).
The new site is almost fully set-up now, except for the predictions which
we hope to get up and running in the next few days, with a considerable
change of format and userfriendliness. More later.

Note that the German site of the VSOHP now also has a hypermail WWW
archive of all SeeSat-L messages that is immediately updated as soon as
a new message on SeeSat-L appears.

The SeeSat-L Home Pages contains a "Members"-page, which is located at:
and which contains links to the home pages of members of SeeSat-L. So far
only a handful of people have asked us to add links to their pages.
We invite you to contact us in case you want to be added to the list of
links. It would certainly provide a handy overview of what happens in the
SeeSat-L community if it had more links.

Neil and I have been having problems finding the time to keep the VSOHP
up-to-date, but we've found a very helpful collaborator in Jeff Hunt, who
has kindly agreed to keep several pages (such as shuttle.html, mir.html
and mir-shuttle.html) up-to-date. We would welcome other collaborators,
thus making the VSOHP a truly collaborative effort of SeeSat-L

As you probably know, PPAS-observations (flash periods measurements for
the Belgian Working Group Satellites) so far had to be sent to where Kurt Jonckheere then collects them.
This will change as well, as of now. Please send your flash period
measurements to
The old address in Oxford will remain functional for a little while
more, but please use the new address! Thanks.

I wish everyone a merry Xmas and happy new year as well, but please,
try to avoid sending messages to SeeSat-L with just best wishes.
Som vague satellite observing content really is an obligation for SeeSat-L
messages, however well your message is meant :-)
On the same note, try to announce address changes in messages that
also have some satellite observing content. And the signatures at the end
of your messages really ought to be limited to 4 lines. We like to keep 
SeeSat-L lean and mean :-)

Bart De Pontieu - Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial Physics, Garching - SeeSat-L administrator - (for now) BWGS coordinator
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