next PPAS update, please send your observations

Kurt Jonckheere (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 22:17:49 +0100

Hello observers,

first some information for newbies...

One of the main activities of The Belgian Working Group Satellites 
(of which Bart is 'president') is collecting observations of flashing satellites.  
All these observations are collected in a special format, called the
PPAS stands for Photometric Periods of Artifical Satellites.
Our databases contains already more than 40 000 records, observed by people
all over the world, a lot of them are now active on this list.

If you observe flashing satellites, please send us your observations,
we are very much interested in them and appreciate your help.

If you need more information about the correct format, please drop me a 

Each month I collect all observations, which are sent to me by snail-
mail or by e-mail via the server in Oxford.

I will make the next update to our archive Sunday.  So if you haven't sent
us your observations yet, please send them to before

Thanks in advance and happy observing,

Kurt Jonckheere,

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Send your observations of flashing satellites, preferrably in the correct
     PPAS format to or