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Thu, 19 Dec 1996 00:52:52 +0200

I had prepared this text to be sent to Robert Sheaffer only
but as I see that this subject seems to interest many members
I send it to all:

>> My softwares (freeware) give exactly what Robert Sheaffer ask for.
>Can you please explain this more clearly? Your "Mir" program
>just tells us where Mir is, does it not?
>I saw an output from one of your programs that listed the
>*constellation* that a satellite would be in. I thought that
>this was an extremely nice feature, making the satellite much easier 
>to find. Is this the program you're referring to? If it is,
>I would very much appreciate an explanation of what the
>program is, and how it is used.

MIR.ZIP which can be downloaded from my home page is only
195K big. The new version (november 1996) gives the possibility
to change easily the params for any sat.
There are 3 programs in it:
1) Analysis of a period of time.
2) Visualisation around the Globe.
3) Visualisation among the stars, SUN, Moon, Messiers and planets.
The 1) analysis option namely asks "MAX magnitude".
If that magnitude is reached by the sat during a passage, that passage
is given. It's possible to get either the instants with that magnitude
only or all the instants when the sat is visible.

The complete set of my programs and files is 690K big (zipped)
and I found it too big to be put in my home page but it
can be downloaded free from my BBS as explained in my home page.
It gives the possibility to make easily a selection of up to
one hundred sats and to make an analysis at once for that selection.
Another feature of that set is the following:
If you download a recent TL file, its two-lines probably do not give the
standard magnitude.
The program MOLOHI updates your files SATELLIT.DAT using that new file
and the MOLCZAN file.
For the satellites of both the new file and the MOLCZAN file,
the two-lines are
updated by the most recent one and the standard magnitude is added for those
	   -------------------     -------------------------------
in the MOLCZAN file.
Then you run REACT and all the sats of your SELECTION are updated.

My pleasure, avec plaisir,  Alphonse

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