Tomorrow's Titan 4 launch definitely a KeyHole

Ted Molczan (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 18:57:14 -0500

Further to my last message, I have just
learned officially that the launch period is
16:30 to 19:00 UTC.

Also, I have obtained the following NOTAMS
rectangle coordinates:

34 deg 39 min N, 120 deg 38 min W
34 deg 38 min N, 120 deg 33 min W
34 deg 27 min N, 120 deg 41 min W
34 deg 26 min N, 120 deg 36 min W

Calculating the azimuth along the long sides
of the rectangle, I obtain 191.65 deg for
both sides. That is about right for a 
sun-synchronous orbit, similar to that
of the KeyHoles'.

So I am now certain that this will be a
KeyHole, and I estimate launch about
18:07 UTC, or up to 15 min later.

Ted Molczan