Unid flasher

Geoff Chester (NASEP007@sivm.si.edu)
Thu, 26 Dec 96 09:11:02 EST

Vince Gardiner wrote:

>I saw a flasher last night travelling ABOUT 20 Az to ABOUT 160 Az, and
>at Az 100 was ABOUT Alt 45 deg., mag .5->3.5, 17 periods timed for 4.37
>secs. A'fA'. UT 09:45 Dec 25, 1996.


I believe you saw NOSS 2-3 r (23907).  I haven't run a QUICKSAT solution
yet, but I am convinced that this is what you saw because I timed the same
period for this one on Dec. 23 at around 2308 UTC from the roof of the
parking lot at one of the local shopping malls, attracting considerable
attention from the local constabulatory officials in the process.  I guess
they're not used to seeing people loitering about with binoculars pointed
to the sky holding a stopwatch and counting slowly....

Geoff Chester

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