Re: 65- 65C

Tristan Cools (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 21:05:19 +0100 (MET)

>65- 65C is Dodecapole 2, one of a number of payloads placed in orbit by 
>a Thor Ablestar booster launched from Vandenberg AFB.  I also observed this 
>object last May:
>I have been able to find very little about the purpose and character of this
>satellite.  A guess from its name that the mission is related to
>magnetic field research??  Anybody know more about it?

According to my sources it has also been called Dodecahedron 2 and it was
probably used for radar calibration.  There were twelve 7.62 meter antennas
attached to the spacecraft.  Maybe the flashes are caused by those
antennas.(cfr Ume 1 and 2)

Tristan Cools
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