RE: STS 81 and MIR Docking

Jeff Hunt (
Fri, 27 Dec 96 15:15:41

--- On Fri, 27 Dec 1996 19:17:37 GMT  Nick Budd <> wrote 
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>What I need to know is (a) will STS 81 go "straight" to a 51 degree orbit
>and, if so,
>(b) roughly how far behind or in advance of Mir is it likely to be, say, 16
>hrs after
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I would recommend that you go to Dave Ransom's homepage and get the 
predictive TLE for STS-81 based on a Jan 12 09:27 UT launch. There you will 
find the predictive TLE and you can download the State Vectors based on the 
planned mission profile.  You will have to download a program called Vec2TLE 
(also on his homepage) which converts State Vectors to a TLE to see how the 
orbit is planned to change over time.  Of course, download a current TLE for 
Mir to see the relative location of the two.  Mir supposedly made an orbital 
correction yesterday and plans to make another one on Jan 8 to raise its 

b)Mir will lead Atlantis initially by roughly 16 minutes and that will 
decrease over time.

P.S. not much viewing of Mir/Shuttle AFTER launch from KSC but I would trade 
you places ;-)

Jeff Hunt <>