Jay Respler (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 23:55:56 -0500 (EST)

After many, many, hours, I've made some changes to SSR 11/96.
1st, can someone suggest how to save some time in the future?  I wanted to
sort by Int. Designation rather than SpaceCommand Catalog #.  Is there some
simple quick way to sort date, #, and letter?   A-Z have to come before AA-AZ. 
I have DOS, Windows, QSORT, WordPerfect and a spreadsheet.

Anyway, I have merged in-orbit/decayed sats and sorted by launch order.

I also have another SSR with distances in Miles rather than km.

Either of them available on request.

This from 11/96 SSR.   Isn't the perigee kind of low?           |
1967-046A        2805   CIS      1170.5    51.7    60883       -58      N/A
COSMOS 159                          Launched (05/16/67)  Decayed [11/11/77]

This recently cataloged object has 2 different catalog #s.  Which is right?

24647 66-077D  OPS 0856 DEB          US    167.2  89.5  4342  3009
23820 66-077D  OPS 0856 DEB          US    164.5  88.3  6251   880  .042

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