C* 1766, Mir, Soviet Year in Space, Russia, email

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 05:21:30 -0500 (EST)

jhunt@eagle1.eaglenet.com (Jeff Hunt) 
Re: Cosmos 1766 
> Here is some more info on Cosmos 1766 courtesy of Bart Hendrickx... 
> > ... 
The Okeans and the Tselina-D's occupy orbits which are indistinguishable 
to my eye.  I've asked before, and apparently no one knows how to 
distinguish the orbits without reference to a list.  As a result of my 
own ignorance, I once referred to the whole bunch as the "Cosmos 1933" 
family.  Apparently, the Okeans never display the wildly irregular 
flashing behavior reported for many (all?) Tselina-D's.  I have received 
no follow-up observations to my suspicious observation of 
C* 2221  (courtesy OIG) 
1 22236U 92080A   96362.58271255  .00000191  00000-0  25563-4 0   813 
2 22236  82.5139 213.0739 0023516 100.9518 259.4339 14.73952774220122 
and remain very eager to know whether it is now flashing strongly.  The 
Soviet Year in Space series, now the Europe & Asia in Space series, have 
some details (I'm looking for the 1990 volume and have a 1991-92 to offer 
in trade for it). 
avm@kiam1.rssi.ru (Agapov Vladimir) 
re: Mir manoeuvre 
Thanks for the alert.  As a result many people received better 
ron@dantowitz.com (Ron Dantowitz) 
re: Mir - post burn observed 
> No new Mir elements since the orbital boost... but I did observe the 
> I apologize for the flurry of emails from me... must be someting in the 
> water! 
Thnaks for the observation report. 
OIG did release a couple of new elsets on Friday and I cobbled together 
this elset for my alert sent to my list of those in the DC area: 
1 16609U 86017A   96362.45767195  .00004371  00000-0  53494-4 0  916x 
2 16609  51.6522 229.5624 0014191 172.5204 187.5979 15.61866178620218 
I am hopeful that sometime changes in Russia may make it possible to 
establish a reliable channel of communication providing, say, 4-day 
advance notice of changes in the orbit.  That would make it possible to 
send press releases to daily newspapers when there are favorable 
overflights, and thus to expand public "participation" in the space 
Speaking of hopes, I do hope to see less genocide and less slavery in East 
Africa, fewer revelations of tragedy and troubles in the 
Simpson-Brown-Goldman families, less cloudiness near the Great Lakes, 
etc., but apparently, (I'm checking my list here), less mail from Ron 
Dantowitz isn't on my list of hoped-for reductions. 
My already unmanageable email backlog wasn't helped by losing my account 
to a disk crash for a solid week, followed a few days later by a flood of 
asynchronous email for the previous 10 days, some duplicative, but I 
haven't seen anything which would stimulate my acceptance of an apology 
from you.  However, I do apologize to the many whom I owe responses. 
Cheers and Happy New Year. 
Walter Nissen                   dk058@cleveland.freenet.edu


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