FW: Re: Sat Sit Report (part2)

Jeff Hunt (jhunt@eagle1.eaglenet.com)
Sat, 28 Dec 96 09:56:26

I failed to mention that SatSpy2 (shameless plug) will sort by:
Sat#, Name, Age, Period, Eccentricity, Inclination, Mag; ascending or 
descending and that you can print or export these reports.  It can also 
search. I'm sure there are other programs out there that can do the same 
thing.  Are there?

As far as the Sat Sit reports go, I use an old DOS utility (most word 
processors will search also) to search for an item and I've started using 
the smaller sat sit reports provided by Mike McCants homepage which makes 
the search more sucessful for my utility.

Jeff Hunt <jhunt@eagle1.eaglenet.com>