Sat, 28 Dec 1996 19:29:24 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 28 Dec 1996, Bjoern Gimle wrote:

> >After many, many, hours, I've made some changes to SSR 11/96.
> >1st, can someone suggest how to save some time in the future?  I wanted to
> >sort by Int. Designation rather than SpaceCommand Catalog #....
> My ssr11 is sorted on Int.Des. as I got it from OIG. How did you get
> yours, and what format is it ?

What I did was combine 'in orbit' and 'decayed' objects into one file.  I 
wanted to have everything from a launch together, whether in orbit or not.
Otherwise, what I got was the same as you have.

> >This recently cataloged object has 2 different catalog #s.  Which is right?
> >
> >24647 66-077D  OPS 0856 DEB          US    167.2  89.5  4342  3009
> >23820 66-077D  OPS 0856 DEB          US    164.5  88.3  6251   880  .042
> >
> #24647 has been labelled "P" in most recent elsets. Anyway, they are
> obviously two different objects in stable orbits. Objects to N do appear
> in the report.

So the elements seem right and SSR is wrong.  I sent OIG a note about this.

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