Re: List of Bright Satellites - Why is it prepared Manually?

Sun, 29 Dec 1996 19:03:22 -0500 (EST)

Hello Dave.
On Sun, 29 Dec 1996, Dave Ziemann wrote:
> I think I should take a closer look at QUICKSAT, it sounds like it does much
> of what I asked for.
> One reason I did not look so closely is that I had been hoping for a better
> way of doing things than finding the relevent software, downloading it onto
> my PC, learning how to drive it, grappling with unfamiliar terms and then
> continuously feeding it with element sets which seem to be available from a
> number of different sources.

Now I understand.  Rather than make predictions yourself, you want to 
have some 'site' do it for you.  There's nothing wrong with that.  There 
ARE some sites already that will do that.  You can find some links at the 
vsohp listed below.  In fact, for a nominal charge, I can print and mail 
predictions to you regularly. That way you won't have to do anything but 
The problem with using on-line sources is that you have to do things 
their way.  When you make your own predictions, you can set up many 
variables any way you want to.

> I realise that this may not initially sound very appealing to those who sell
> multiple copies of satellite software, but the trend is inevitable. Because
> the raw data ties the application so strongly to the internet, this could be
> a good example of a pay-per-use application. (5 cents per visible pass? <g>).

 I believe everything on-line is free, and many of the best prediction 
programs are free or share-ware at some low cost.  Very few of us use 
commercial programs so that is really not a factor.

> and wait for the clouds to go away...

I can't help you there.

Jay Respler
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