18822 88006A DMSP B5D2-4 Flash

chris kalmar (ckalmar@worldnet.att.net)
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 12:10:03 -0600

On the few clear nights,
at 0:15z 12/30/96 with binoculars, at n42 02.184 w91 40.337
18822 88006A DMSP B5D2-4 would go from mag 4 to 5 down to nothing then back
gain in a period of 2 minutes. It went through 2 complete fades in the
7x35.>Unable to determine if its active and in control, unknown downlink.

When listing an object in the subject I have trouble searching for 
anything but the above, to compare observations of same object. Some users
are doing it as shown above. Easy to search! Same as the TLE!

Is anyone using one of those cheap($300) image intensifiers for these obs?
I've been shopping for one and wondered the disadvantages of various models.