Updated 96072B elset

Ted Molczan (molczan@fox.nstn.ca)
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 18:02:06 -0500

Pierre Neirinck has produced this updated element set for the object
being tracked by observers in Australia:

USA 29 r         9.8  3.0  0.0  2.1 v
1 24681U 96072  B 96365.52702280  .01097930  00000-0  60914-3 0    05
2 24681  97.9137  65.7868 0533247 138.5609 225.6069 15.12918679    04

The name and identifiers reflect our belief that this object is the
Titan 2nd stage, not the payload. The elements are based on 7 points
taken between 26-30 Dec, by Anthony Beresford and Robert McNaught, as
posted in previous messages.

The standard magnitude reflects the objects unusually great brightness.
It will be interesting to see whether or not it changes.

The dimensions of this orbit are 166 km x 903 km, assuming a mean
Earth diameter of 6371 km. Extrapolating back to the time of launch,
the dimensions were 166 km x 1035 km. The apogee was typical of a
KeyHole payload at its highest, as I expected based on the status of
95066A's orbit.

Further observations are welcome, and will be analyzed.

Clear skies!
Ted Molczan