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>At 15:04 26.12.1997 +0000, Alan Pickup wrote:
>>Contrary to some reports, they are in no danger of imminent re-entry and
>>should survive the ups and downs of lunisolar perturbations into the
>>next millennium.
>Asiasat intends to de-orbit the bird after some tests so it would
>barely survive into next millenium.

Besides the report already posted here by Sean Sullivan, another
occupies 34 column-cm of today's Scotsman newspaper under the headline
"Experts fall out over predictions for satellite's fate".

It states...
 "Experts are divided on whether a Russian-launched satellite will crash
back to Earth after failing to reach its proper orbit.
  Russian space centre officials expect sections of AsiaSat 3 to hit
Earth within a few months but the owner, Hong kong-based Asia Satellite
Telecommunications Holdings (AST), is adamant they are wrong."

and later...
 "Konstantin Lantratov, a spokesman for the Khrunichev Space Centre
(KSC), said its orbit would now slowly decay until it hit the
atmosphere. "Not all parts will burn in the earth's atmosphere", he
  But the deputy chief executive officer of AST, Bill Wade, said in Hong
Kong: "No, it's well beyond the earth's atmsophere. There's no possible
way it can come back to earth.""

Igor's post is the first indication I've seen that AsiaSat is to be
subject to a de-orbit burn. My comments above (re surviving into the
next millennium) ware, of course, made in the context of the reported
claim by the Russian KSC spokesman that it will decay naturally and the
implication that this will occur within a relatively short period.
Of course, in making my decay predictions I tend to assume that there
are no de-orbit burns :-)

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