Re: ASTRO-D glint?

Roland Vanderspek (
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 10:21:43 -0500 (EST)

> Rob Matson ( wrote:
> > Mon, 28 Dec 1998 13:28:30 -0800
> > 
> > Has anyone ever observed a bright glint from ASTRO-D (#22521)?
> Under another subject, I reported a +0 phenomenon from that one
> (which I discovered back then is officially -- in some places at 
> least -- called "ASCA") in the last paragraph of this message:

The satellite ASTRO-D was launched in February 1993:  its name was
changed to ASCA during the first orbit.  This seems to be a tradition:
ASTROs A, B, and C were all renamed in the same way (to Tenma, Hakucho,
and Ginga, respectively).  Perhaps it is referred to as ASTRO-D in
SeeSat circles because it was launched with that name.

Recent calculations predict ASCA's reentry in February 2000 (+/- a
few months), just in time for the launch of ASTRO-E.

Roland Vanderspek