Re: Cosmos 100 r Search

Tyler MacKenzie (
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 10:42:47 -0400

I too tried for Cosmos 100 rk last night from Sackville, N.B. Canada (45.9
-64.4).  Sat down in the cold backyard with a pocket full of peanuts and a
glass of porto from UTC 03:10 to 03:26 but saw nothing through the shifting
clouds.  Hung backward out my second story window for five minutes for the
next pass, but it was very cloudy by then and didn't see it again.  I'll
miss this rk, it was one of the first satellites I predicted and saw (the
day after my first: Lacrosse 2), and I watched it many times, showed it to
many people.  I impressed both myself and others when telling them "it's
been doing that for over 30 years...".  Hope it gave someone a show!

-Tyler MacKenzie (AAVSO-MTX)

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