Re: Possible Geo Satellite captured in image? (fwd)

Tony Beresford (
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 18:47:24 +1030

At 17:45 2/12/1999 , Ed Cannon wrote:
>Anyone want to try to ID the possible geosynch captured in the photo
>mentioned in the newsgroup message below?  
>Ed C. - - Austin, Texas, USA
Cant find any suitable fix in alldat.tle from sept 19,1999
Ed. The only suspect findsat turns up is fltsatcom 4 rocket,
and with a mean motion of 9 revs/day that doesnt fit stated
angular velocity. There are of course a whole set of
US navy geosats not mentioned in alldat.tle that relay
UHF communications. There longitudes can probably be found
from other sources. note that its actually 5 degrees of
the geo track.
Tony Beresford
Adelaide australia

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