Possible C2347 Deb Obs?

Thu, 2 Dec 1999 18:10:41 -0700 (MST)

I had a prediction for COSMOS 2347 DEB #25976 97079K to come by and it was
predicted to be a bright mag 1.6. I looked for it but at the expected
elevation of 36 deg, there was nothing. However higher up, approx 75 deg and
in the same direction, there was a bright object, at least mag 1. Judging by
it's track it came from approx Az 200 deg and went to about Az 50 deg. At
00:19:48 3 Dec UTC +/- 3 sec it passed about 1 deg to the right (East) of
Mirphak. Except for the fact that it was higher than the predicted pass by
the Cosmos 2347 Deb, the timing and track seem to fit it or perhaps it's
another piece? Alldat gave me no other objects at that time or position
except for Cosmos 2347 Deb which came from 210 deg and went to 50 deg. 

This elset was used:

1 25976U 97079K   99332.72873581 -.00002383  75343-5  00000+0 0    15
2 25976  64.9919 307.8892 0031170 266.8602  93.8575 16.37717553   392


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