OIG/GSFC changes for OCT 31 & NOV 30 monthly SSR

John W. Gardner, Jr. (gardjw@juno.com)
Fri, 03 Dec 1999 22:46:06 EST

Hello All,

RE: Update on monthly changes of OIG/GSFC Satellite Situation Report

I decided to make a monthly report of significant changes found in
the OIG Satellite Situation Report (SSR) due the number of such items
found. OIG's report is based on TLEs received from USSPACECOM.  And
users without program routines to 'catch' such re-cataloged TLEs or
name changes may not be aware of them.


Nov/Oct    v40#11/v40#10  1 re-cataloged   2 variant name changes

Oct/Sept   v40#10/v40#9   4 re-cataloged   1 significant name change
Sept/Aug   v40#9/v40#8    5 re-cataloged   3 significant name changes
Aug/July   v40#8/v40#7    2 re-cataloged   O significant name changes
July/June  v40#7/v40#6   12 re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
June/May   v40#6/v40#5    O re-cataloged   O significant name changes

Re-cataloged objects are those which the launch ID number has been
assigned to a NORAD number designation _different_ than the original.
Significant name changes are defined as those clearly not same object.
In other cases, name is similar, but generally more precise in nature.

Please make requests for previous reports on this matter directly to
my email address shown below.


Per current OIG/GSFC Satellite Situation Report release of Dec 3, 1999

Dec 1999    40/11 & 40/11   1 recatalog  / 2 name changes

The following listings are of discrepancies and/or corrections
found in comparison of the Satellite Situation Reports Nov v40#11
and Oct v40#10  Note: No search made for launch/decay date conflicts.

Comparison was restricted to the COSPAR (international launch item #).
The 2nd item of each set is from current report.  1 re-catalog found.

NORAD    NAME                       COSPAR      DECAYED    FLAG

25686U   MIR DEB                    1986-017MZ  07/10/99
25686U   MIR DEB                    1986-017NA  07/10/99   *

Comparison was restricted to NAME applied to object. The 2nd item of
each set is from current report.    5 name changes found, 2 variants

NORAD    NAME                       COSPAR      DECAYED    FLAG

09323U   DELTA 1 DEB                1973-088F
09323U   OPS 6630 DEB               1973-088F              *( variant )

25758U   OCEANSAT                   1999-029C
25758U   IRS P4 (OCEANSAT 1)        1999-029C              *

Note: of the 3 others...a minor snytax change was typical.

John Gardner,Jr
Hoarder of TLEs

76.98569 W  39.00195 N   62.484m  ASL

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