Mystery Geo flasher
Sun, 05 Dec 1999 10:01:49 -0600


A sighting of a geoflasher was submitted to me by a gentleman of Knoxville

Summary of his note to me:
Knoxville, around 8:00 pm local, Dec. 1, 1999, approx. 10 degrees below Jupiter and
Saturn, barely moving from West to East, observed for approx two minutes, flashes at
approx 8-10 secs intervals around mag 1.0 to 3.0 then dimming.

Running alldat in skymap I find three candidates, in PPAS form (time

99 304 A 1999-12-2 00:02:05.00 BC 90.0 .2 10 9.00 1.0 ->inv  M or F 
95 -49 B
67 -66 G

All three passed from 8 to 12 degrees below Jupiter and Saturn from west to
east from 01:45:00 to 02:45:00. 67066G was at around 9 degrees all the way the other
two started higher nearer Jupiter and dropped as they proceeded east.

I found no references to the three in the PPAS database or recent

Any comments, or would anyone like to follow-up on this one with obs of the
three mentioned.


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