Flare of Globalstar 8??

Evan Duffield (e.duffield@bigpond.com)
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 00:23:13 +1100


On Saturday Dec. 4 @ about 12:25UT (23:25 local), I saw a satellite rise
slowly from the south-west horizon, heading roughly to the east, passing
through the Small Magellanic Cloud, brightening to about mag +2 (or maybe
+1), heading in the direction of the zenith.

My position was at Heathcote, Victoria, Australia (approx. 36.922 South;
144.705 East).

I checked out SatSpy and it showed that the only sat which was in that
postion in the sky and heading in the direction at that time was Globalstar
8.  The slow 'speed' of the satellite across the sky matched the
characteristics of the Globalstars.

SatSpy predicted mag. 6.9 as it passed by the SMC.  Could it have been
another sat instead of G'star 8? Have Globalstars been known to flare like

(Also, thanks to Mike McCants for replying to my recent email).


Evan Duffield
Melbourne, Australia

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