Molniya orbit object observations

Tony Beresford (
Tue, 07 Dec 1999 03:42:10 +1030

The recent spate of observations by myself has
reestablished the orbit of the object I have reported
as 94 26A. ( this was originally referred to as 99008 or 99 042MOL.
The other similar object  95 34A( 99009 or 99121MOL) hasnt been observed for sometime.
Its has N-S passes currently visible in evening from my location
but the low altitude (and greater range) of the satellite means
I cant see it in 7x50 binocs. 
It would be much easier for observers to the East of me,
preferably in New Zealand, though a dark sited observer in
eastern australia might be able to track it.
In a trial run for Auckland, highfly gives mag 7 at
55 degrees at azimuths around 90 degrees.
Because of the geosynchronous nature of these objects 
the satellite goes thru very nearly the same star
pattern for at least a week. 
Tony Beresford
Updated orbit below which includes all the latest observations
95 34A
1 99009L 99121MOL 99340.00000000 -.00000255 +00000+0 +00000+0 6 00100
2 99009  63.3790 239.6773 6909222 271.4627 353.3664  2.00595388005960

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