Re: Flare of Globalstar 8??

Bjoern Gimle (
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 14:38:11 +0100

>On Saturday Dec. 4 @ about 12:25UT (23:25 local), I saw a satellite rise
>slowly from the south-west horizon, heading roughly to the east, passing
>through the Small Magellanic Cloud, brightening to about mag +2 (or maybe
>+1), heading in the direction of the zenith.
>My position was at Heathcote, Victoria, Australia (approx. 36.922 South;
>144.705 East).
>I checked out SatSpy and it showed that the only sat which was in that
>postion in the sky and heading in the direction at that time was Globalstar
>8.  The slow 'speed' of the satellite across the sky matched the
>characteristics of the Globalstars.
I am very rusty on Southern Sky, so I had to search the Internet for "Small
Magellanic Cloud" and received 0h 52m , -72 48'

With SkyMap (Matson) and mccants.tle I find #21701 UARS 91-63B as THE
satellite that passed through. Globalstar 8 was lower. UARS entered shadow
soon after the Cloud.

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