Gorizont 23 is accelerating again!!!

Wed, 08 Dec 99 21:10:24 PST

Hi Everyone,
		I observed the bright geoflasher Gorizont 23 (91-46A, 21533) on the 7th
December 1999, which was flashing at about mag +6. Timing 12 periods ending
at 22:07UT gave a flash period of 51.59s. Over the past few months the
flash period has been steadily increasing, as showing in my observing
records (not yet incorporated in the most recent update to PPAS)

91- 46 A 99-07-12 20:50      JPH 257.6 0.5   5 51.5   F'F' dtm mag+10->inv
91- 46 A 99-09-22 20:28      JPH 621.8 0.2  12 51.82  A'A' mag+6->inv
91- 46 A 99-09-23 20:52:56.0 JPH1244.0 0.2  24 51.83  A'A' mag+6->inv

However, last nights timing shows that the period now appears to be
accelerating again! The flash period of Gorizont 23 appears to show cycles
of acceleration & deceleration so it will be interesting to follow the
evolution of the flash period over the next few weeks. 

Gorizont 23 is currently well placed for observers in  Europe & Africa. In
a couple of weeks time Gorizont should be again visible from the eastern
United States. 

Best wishes & clear skies,


Jason P Hatton
06200 Nice

43.692N, 7.246E,30M


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