Satellite Hunting 2.0
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 23:58:24 EST

My work schedule and a few eleventh-hour requests delayed this release a bit, 
but version 2.0 is now available for download at...

The full revision history (along with screen caps and more detailed 
descriptions) can be found at the website, but here are a few of the 

•Added Ground Track screen with real-time display of predicted satellite 
positions,  including ... line-of-sight circle, two-orbit ground track, 
horizon and visibility indication along the track and TLE information (which 
can be cut and pasted to text editor, or e-mail) for currently selected 
•Improved TLE loading procedures for faster merging of large files with the 
SatDesc information (alldat.tle file now takes seconds to load, rather than 
•Satellite Hunting can now extract properly formatted TLE information, from 
text files such as e-mail. 
•Internet menu and Favorites menu (in the web browser) now contain direct 
links to TLE downloads, database updates, coordinate resources, online help 
and registration information.  
•Predictions screen now includes Right Ascension and Declination (epoch 
•Plot Path/Stars screen now includes graphic representation of Moon's 
position and phase. 
•Selecting limiting magnitude now results in faster generation of star plot. 
•Added shadow (umbra) test option.

I'd like to thank all of those who've supported Satellite Hunting through 
registrations and suggestions for improvements. As always, please feel free 
to contact me with comments and suggestions.
x    Satellite Hunting™ visible pass     x
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