ETS-6; no Iridium 42 flare, etc.

Mark Hanning-Lee (
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 22:30:00 -0800

* ETS-6 23230 emitted a nice series of flashes, brightest around 21:22
PST 12/11 = 12/12 5:22 UTC. Up to mag 0 compared to nearby Saturn as it
moved through Cetus. I was so excited at seeing it for the first time I
forgot to make any better observations ;-).

A good one to watch: Steve LaLumondiere has previously noted that its
mean motion of 01.67089018032328 is close to 1.6666 revs/day. So after 3
days and 5 passes it's back, repeating a similar pass orientation. Its
elset is in mccants.tle & elsewhere.

* In other news Iridium 42 25077 was meant to flare to mag 1 12/12 UTC
but I didn't see it. I saw it flare 12/5 UTC as predicted. Wonder if it
lost orientation?

* 02144 OAO 1 r made a pass at about mag 2. When skymap used a standard
mag of 7 it only predicted a mag of 5.5, so a new standard mag should
perhaps be 3.5? (Unless I saw a bright pass.)

* 05328 Meteor 1-9 r & 25911 Globlstar 33 r appeared as predicted.

Best, Mark
33.729 long -117.822

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