ETS-6 1x power flashes

Jason Hatton (
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 10:40:02 +0100 (MET)

Another message that failed to reach the list from my usual e-mail. Here it
is again.
Hi everyone,
		I just had a nice series of observations of ETS-6 (23230 /
starting in my 6" telescope, then in binoculars & finally 1x! Initial
observations in my 6" telescope at 19:38UT (12/Dec/99) gave a flash period
of 2.84s with alterate flashes brighter by about two magnitudes. The
brightest flashes at this time were about mag+5. Gradually the flashes
brightened, being readily visible in the telescopes finder & binoculars.
eye, with the flash period approx. 11s (ie. 4 times the telescopic flash
period). The brightest flashes probably reached mag+1 & again alternative
flashes were fainter around mag+3.

	At the time of the observation the satellite was at minimum range
for the
pass (approx 11000km) & was faintly visible in the telescope between
flashes at around mag+10. I had tried to observe ETS-6 several times before
at greater distances without success, so I wasn't too optimistic about
seeing it tonight. After spending many nights observing faint high altitude
satellites it is always nice to see one without needing to use any optical
aid at all!

Best wishes & clear skies,


Jason P Hatton
06200 Nice

43.692N, 7.246E,30M

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