PBS International Space Station Two-part Series

Mon, 13 Dec 1999 09:47:13 EST

For those of us in the US, PBS is airing what sounds like an interesting 
two-part series on the International Space Station.  Flipping through my 
Washington Post TV section last night, I found both episodes air tomorrow 
night (Tues. Dec. 14) on Maryland Public TV, while the Washington PBS channel 
(WETA) is airing only part one, with part two being televised some time 
later.  It looks like it's up to each local PBS affiliate to decide when to 
air it.

The PBS web page for the series is:

If you click on the "Series" button on that page, you'll be taken to URL:

which has a link to "check local listings" for air times.

The program is also available on video (VHS) at:

And just in case this note may be pushing the "off-topic" limits a bit, 
plugging a television show, they do have a page that helps visitors to their 
web site find the ISS in the skies above for themselves (via NASA). ;-):


Jim Cook
Germantown, MD
39.2N, 77.3W

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