Re: 18 Dec 99 Prelaunch Elset

Tony Beresford (
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 20:44:22 +1030

At 12:11 18/12/99 , Ron Lee wrote:

>Both the Terra spacecraft and a Centaur should reach orbit.  Can anyone
>provide an estimate of the Centaur brightness?
Its probably a different variant of the Centaur Ron, ( Titan IVb/Centaur
rather than Atlas 2AS),
but 96 72B had a molczan standard mag about 4.0  when first seen.
Ted later changed this to 4.8 . I mention this because orbit plane
similar geometry, although this orbit is circular while of course
96 72B's wasnt ( 180by 1000Km to start with).
Tony Beresford

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