Disc/HST visibility this week

Mike (asterism@worldnet.att.net)
Sun, 19 Dec 1999 23:26:23 -0500

Hi All,

I wasn't into sat observing during the last Hubble repair mission... that
is, I watched it on the tube, not the sky, so the possibility of watching
Discovery and HST together has me excited.

Figuring fly overs for HST, looks like a lot of folks in the US (the SE at
least) will get some good views. I see that the SE US will get to see both
just minutes after their separation on the 25th... that is if the HST data
holds up. What I'm wondering is if Discovery is going to lift the orbit of
HST as a matter of routine? I haven't seen anything in the mission
statements that state so.

If it is raised, that means obs will be a few minutes _later_? How many is a

Appreciate any responses. BTW, watched the launch from 120 miles away... one
of the better ones I've seen. Unfortunately is was too early in the evening
to hear the blast off over street noise and aircraft.


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