Re: Decay watch: December 20

Bjoern Gimle (
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 07:02:28 +0100

>#25790 = 99- 34 B = QuikScat Titan 2 r
>  SpaceCom estimate that this decayed at Dec 20 06:12 UTC +-7m near 69.0
>N, 8.0 E. However, too few elsets were published for this object for me
>to be as certain of the decay time as SpaceCom appear to be. I show the
>decay at a southbound equator crossing over the Pacific, S of Hawaii, at
>Dec 20 06:39 +-30m near 155.4 W. Earlier in the orbit, it had passed
>northbound over Europe from just E of Athens at 06:05 UTC to Warsaw,
>Poland, at 06:08 and Stockholm, Sweden, at 06:10. SpaceCom puts the
>decay a little further on over the Norwegian Sea. My SatEvo-predicted

I heard on the radio this morning that a phenomenon observed from western
Sweden last night was identified as "a piece from a Titan rocket launched
this summer".
The Swedish newspaper DN reports two series of observations, one Monday
06:15 UT from Östersund at 63N,15E (also seen from Uppsala N of Stockholm)
going from SE and leaving a smoke trail for several minutes.

The other one was Monday 19:15 UT, from N to S observed from Gothenburg
"parallell to the horizon for 15-20 seconds" and over Skövde nearby, and
down over Denmark.

I was not awake to read this final notice, but still I can't figure out why
I was not trying to observe that pass ???

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