ETS-6; saw KOMPSAT and ACRIMSAT launch

Mark A. Hanning-Lee (
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:32:08 -0800

Last night 12/20 PST ETS-6 was already flashing 1-power by 20:58 11'
before shadow entry, 1-power flashes stopped 21:01 9' before. That's
12/21 4:58 and 5:01 UTC. No timings on this occasion.

Later I saw the Vandenberg launch of KOMPSAT and ACRIMSAT on a Taurus.
It seemed to be on time, launch window began 23:10. A short but visible
flame when I first saw it. I imagine that the launch azimuth was roughly
SSW for a polar orbit? ...

I thought I saw objects (stages?) separating at 23:14:43 and 23:16:08,
and the last burn that I saw ended at 23:17:41. Maximum elevation about
25 degrees from here in Orange County, quite easy to see even from a
well-lit parking lot, just looked NW to W.

Details from the links within,
especially the 30th Space Wing Public Affairs Office phone # who
confirmed at T-20 minutes that it was still on.

Best, Mark
lat 33.729 long -117.822

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