Re : STS-HST grapple

Ed Cannon (
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 20:06:27 -0600

Robert Reeves ( wrote:

] I just had a beautiful, bright pass by STS just as it was grappling
] the HST.  Of course, I couldn't actually see anything unusual, but
] it was interesting to know that the excercise was happening just
] at that time.  The clouds and cold rain parted just in time!

Very much the same thing from Austin (about 120 km NNE of Robert's
location, I think), except I didn't know about the grapple part.  
Very nice pass, brighter than Saturn and went fairly close to it and 
Jupiter.  Visible for a good while descending into the ESE until 
some of the clouds in that direction (or the shadow?) intervened.  
About 10 minutes or so later was a pretty good ISS pass from west to 
north.  Observing from outside the building where I work, on campus
of UT Austin.

Predicted flare from Iridium 77? was fairly close to nominal.

Saw a very nice -1 fast, white meteor with train go straight south
from the eastern "corner" of the Great Square of Pegasus for about
20 degrees.

In a few minutes is a brief into-shadow pass of STS-103/HST, so I'm
going back outside.  It's cold here tonight -- for Central Texas!

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA

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