Re: Bright Moon, Dim Shuttle

Ed Cannon (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 00:31:23 -0600

Don <> wrote:

] At 23:07 UTC Discovery/HST passed in the south about 18 deg above 
] the horizon.  This was the first shuttle pass above 10 deg of 
] elevation that i have observed where it never was visible at 1x.  It 
] was in the +5.0/5.5 range.
] I realize that this is not the brightest moon in 133 years but it is 
] bright enough for me.

My observation was that the Shuttle/Hubble pass here was not as bright 
as I expected.  It didn't get as bright as Saturn, but as it went into 
the general vicinity of Aldebaran it did get about as bright as that 

Question:  When will the Shuttle undock from/release the HST?  I tried
unsuccessfully to find that information on a couple of NASA Web sites.

Kind of neat one-power pass: a GPS Delta (23834, 96-19B) at about +2.5
or maybe even +2.0 went just a tiny fraction of a degree from Jupiter 
and then from Saturn.  30.386N, 97.739W, 150m (UT Austin campus)

The Moon was pretty bright here too!   :-)    But now the sky is 
overcast.  (Well, a weather Web site tells me that, at least.)

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA

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