Re: Ariane 5 / XMM launch observed

Alphonse POUPLIER (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 18:22:25 +0100 (MET)

>I've just got a report of unusual obs and I suspect the guys saw
>Ariane 5 second stage burn.
>Date: December 10, 1445-1515 UTC
>Location: Zelenchukskaya, Russia (approx. 43 deg 50 min N, 41 deg 35 min E).
>The object slowly moved W to E. In south, it had declination approx. 20 deg.
>(being in Pegasus, so elevation was approx. 60 deg). Object's mag was +4.5,
>and it has coma of +2 mag. In the western part of the path, two jets were

One of my programs give

and another one this (excerpt):

Lieu:ZELENCHUK Latitude: +43d50m  Longitude:041d35m
ARIANE 5 R/B     Ref.Date: 1999 344.60847680 = 10 / 12 / 1999 
n= 0.55724444  Altitude:   846-%111,160 Km     Magnit.St.:  5 

10/12/1999 Az.:  Ht.:  Sol.:  Alti.:  Dist.:  Magn.: Asc.D:  Decl.: Const.:
14h55m 0s  271d     3d -14d  1029Km   3491Km    7.0   17.0h   +2.6d    Oph

14h59m 0s  257d    40d -15d  1558Km   2166Km    5.9   19.5h  +18.4d    Sge
15h 0m 0s  247d    53d -15d  1735Km   2062Km    5.8   20.6h  +22.1d    Vul
15h 1m 0s  228d    64d -15d  1926Km   2086Km    5.8   21.7h  +24.2d    Peg
15h 2m 0s  195d    70d -15d  2131Km   2231Km    6.0   22.7h  +24.4d    Peg
15h 3m 0s  162d    69d -15d  2348Km   2472Km    6.2   23.5h  +23.2d    Peg
15h 4m 0s  143d    64d -16d  2575Km   2779Km    6.5    0.2h  +21.4d    And
15h 5m 0s  132d    58d -16d  2812Km   3130Km    6.7    0.7h  +19.5d    Psc
15h 6m 0s  126d    54d -16d  3057Km   3509Km    7.0    1.1h  +17.7d    Psc
15h 7m 0s  122d    50d -16d  3308Km   3905Km    7.2    1.5h  +16.0d    Psc
15h 8m 0s  120d    46d -16d  3567Km   4311Km    7.4    1.7h  +14.5d    Ari
15h 9m 0s  118d    43d -17d  3830Km   4722Km    7.7    1.9h  +13.2d    Ari
15h10m 0s  117d    41d -17d  4098Km   5136Km    7.8    2.1h  +11.9d    Ari

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